Kudos to ConocoPhillips for taking a stand on seatbelt use in Wyoming!

ConocoPhillips promotes seatbelt usage across all employees.


November 30, 2017

Mark Hamilton
Maintenance Supervisor – Wyoming ConocoPhillips
2700 Badwater Road
Lysite, WY 82642

Chairwoman Kendall Roberts
Wyoming Seat Belt Coalition
Cheyenne, WY 82002-0010

Dear Ms. Roberts,

At ConocoPhillips, we believe every employee is accountable for their own safety and the safety of all those around us. The company’s 8 Life Saving Rules serve to guide the behavior of employees and contractors and driving safety is among them.

When driving on company business or property, all occupants must wear and keep their seat belts properly fastened. I am proud that seat belt usage is a habit for our employees and contractors. We also encourage safety leadership beyond the workplace and promote the importance of buckling up with families and friends.

Seat belts save lives, yet historically, the state has one of the lowest seat belt compliance rates in the country. As a native of Wyoming and a father of two children, I hope the residents and legislators of Wyoming again consider enacting a primary seat belt law to permit law enforcement to stop drivers not using their seat belts and cite them independently of any other traffic behavior.

I applaud Governor Mead’s creation of the Wyoming Seat Belt Coalition to raise awareness and increase seat belt usage. On behalf of my colleagues at ConocoPhillips, we stand with you in calling on the people of Wyoming to buckle up for life.

Mark Hamilton Maintenance Supervisor – Wyoming